safetyCanpotex is steadfast in our commitment to the safety of our employees, our communities and of the environment. We operate a significant logistics network of trains, port terminals and ocean-bound vessels. We believe that all workplace safety and environmental incidents are preventable, and we put in place programs and processes to prevent incidents and to ensure excellence in our performance.?


Portland Bulk Terminals Expansion Safety Record

Safety at NeptuneAt Canpotex, safety is one of our core values and a commitment that our employees take very seriously. We are very proud of our safety records, especially our recent achievement at our Portland Bulk Terminals facility.?We are?improving the efficiency of our terminal’s shiploading and rail operations through this project,?estimated to cost approximately US $140 million and include a new shiploader, warehouse and direct-hit (conveyor) system to load vessels directly from the railcars.?We have?an exceptional safety record for a project of its magnitude.

“We are extremely proud of our safety record on this project,” says George Wellon, Canpotex’s Director of Safety, Health and Environment. “Because of Canpotex’s high standards for safety, our total recordable injury rate on the Portland project is one-third of the United States construction industry average for 2015.”