People are the heart of any organization. At Canpotex, this includes our employees, our partners, customers and the farmers who use our potash to improve their crops. We value diversity, equality and teamwork and provide employees opportunities to be bold and innovative. We empower farmers to improve their family’s livelihood by providing education about how they can use our potash to get the most out of every crop.?


Maritime Law Expertise in Landlocked Province

Keith BallKeith Ball, Director of?Ocean Transportation and Supply Chain at Canpotex and Saskatchewan’s only member of the Canadian Maritime Law Association, describes his experience, "Canpotex really encourages its employees to think outside the box, to look beyond industry norms and try new ways of doing things.”


“I was able to earn my Masters in Maritime Law and gain Membership with the?Maritime Law Association with the support of Canpotex; they really understand the benefits of investing in employees. Shipping is a large part of Canpotex’s business. Every tonne of potash sold to our?customers travels by vessel at some point. Sharing my Maritime Law expertise helps Canpotex fully understand its options and make decisions that are most beneficial to the company."