MalaysiaMalaysia is the fifth largest international potash market and the second largest producer of palm oil. Approximately 90 % of imported potash is used on oil palm crops, with the remaining 10% largely applied to rubber, rice, fruit and vegetable crops. Malaysia is a mature potash market with significant labour shortages and limited land for expansion. Canpotex has been a dedicated supplier of potash to this region since 1972, totalling nearly 20 million tonnes of potash delivered. We are currently Canada’s single largest exporter to Malaysia.

Canpotex has also provided potash education in Malaysia and Indonesia since 1985, spending over US$2 million in programs that teach plantation owners and smallholders on best agronomy-based plantation management practices. These programs teach how best to identify yield gaps for productivity gains, focusing on crop health and nutrition, balanced fertilization and improved harvest practices. They educate on the entire oil palm cycle, and how best to manage each stage of its growth—from seedling to mature palms. In addition to improving crop yields, these programs have been reported to reduce pressure on land, biodiversity and carbon footprint.

Canpotex works with the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI) to deliver these programs. More information on Southeast Asia-specific nutrient and regional programs can be found on their website (

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