Map of BrazilAgriculture is the strongest part of the Brazilian economy, with 60-70% of its crops exported. Of note, Brazil is the global leader in sugarcane production and the second-largest producer of soybeans. Because of the significant focus on agriculture, Brazil requires healthy soils and crop management best practices to help feed and employ over 200 million people.

Potash has been identified as one of the key fertilizer nutrients that have helped Brazil’s potassium-deficient soils. Currently, Brazil is the largest international potash import market and Canpotex’s largest market. Additionally, potash has been the largest Canadian export to Brazil since 2002. Canpotex potash has been vital in helping Brazilian crops—such as soybean, corn, sugarcane, coffee and biofuels—improve their soil health and crop yields since 1972, with our total historical sales reaching over 35 million tonnes.

With an expected increase in the Brazilian area harvested and a growing population (the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) projects a 10% increase by 2030, Canpotex has the required resources and is committed to helping Brazil meet its potash and food security requirements.