Canpotex's international potash market expertise is unparalleled. Our marketing team is highly knowledgeable with decades of industry experience and direct customer service. We work closely with farmers, to know our markets “from the ground up,” taking time with our customers in their fields to understand what type and amount of potash is best suited to their crops. Each customer and each field is unique, and we have a dedicated marketing team that discusses the importance of balanced fertilization with farmers for each unique crop.

Quality is paramount to Canpotex. We carefully manage our potash throughout its journey to customers, from mine site to global ports, and follow stringent quality standards.

Canpotex works with integrity, honesty and respect. Integrity is one of our key company values, and our employees ensure that each sale is conducted with those high standards. Our diverse team is culturally competent and conducts business in a way that respects the customs of our customers, taking into consideration a variety of international laws, cultures, languages and social norms.