Saint John Terminal

Saint John, New Brunswick

The Saint John Terminal is owned by PotashCorp and is operated and managed by Canpotex Terminals Limited. The terminal, located at Port Saint John in New Brunswick, is a dry bulk handling facility with up to 2.5 million tonnes of annual throughput capacity and two storage sheds with approximately 235,000 tonnes of combined storage capacity. Having an east coast port option gives Canpotex better access to the eastern coasts of South and Central America, and to West Africa and Europe.


Site Features

  • The terminal has operated since 1982
  • The Saint John Terminal is owned by PotashCorp and subleased to Canpotex
  • Operated by Furncan Marine Ltd. and managed by Canpotex
  • Occupies 30.4 acres of land leased from Port Saint John
  • A dry bulk-handling facility with two potash warehouses
  • A dolphin structure dock apron
  • Estimated annual throughput capacity of up to 2.5 million tonnes


  • Railcar capacity for up to 146 railcars


  • Two warehouses with combined storage capacity of approximately 210,000 tonnes

Delivery System

  • Single covered quadrant shiploader with a rated capacity of 2,500 tonnes/hour
  • The quadrant shiploader can cover three holds
  • Eight metre tides create an air draft from 13-21 metres
  • Delivery of potash comes from one of two warehouses
  • Telescopic chute minimizes generation of dust
  • The shiploader is environmentally friendly; electric controls eliminate any hydraulic oil over the water


Berth Specifications

Dock Face

290.0 metres

Vessel L.O.A.

200.0 metres (maximum)

Draft Alongside

13.0 metres

Air Draft

13-21 metres

Vessel Capacity

Up to 61,000 tonnes deadweight

Loading Rate

Rated capacity of up to 2,500 tonnes deadweight/hour

Boom Reach

28 metres

Crane Height

40 metres


Single covered quadrant shiploader with a telescopic chute

Other Resources

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Terminal Contacts

Media Enquiries

Natashia Stinka

Manager, Government and Public Relations

Canpotex Limited

Suite 400, 111-2nd Avenue South

Saskatoon, SK S7K 1K6


(306) 931-7534


Terminal Operations

Mike Vienneau

Terminal Manager

Furncan Marine Ltd.

250 Broad Street Ext

Saint John, NB E2L 1Y8


(306) 633-6611