Canpotex has access to four marine terminals that transfer our potash from railcars into ocean vessels. At these terminals, Canpotex has access to several storage warehouses that can hold varying amounts and grades of potash for when we need it. These modern warehouses allow Canpotex to maintain a good variety of potash inventory?at port, to ensure timely delivery to customers in peak periods of demand.

Canpotex ensures that potash cargoes are efficiently handled and loaded through daily communications with other Canpotex offices, railways, terminals, and the crews piloting our ocean vessels. A highly-skilled operations team, located in Canpotex's Saskatoon and Singapore offices, manages every part of the journey our potash takes from mine site to the terminals and at the final discharging port.

Each one of our terminals is unique and provides modern and efficient storage and handling facilities for potash deliveries to offshore markets.