Canpotex Railcar Maintenance Facility

Canpotex places significant value on having safe and reliable railcars. In 2012, Canpotex's newly built?Railcar Maintenance Facility became operational and allowed us to responsibly?maintain our own?railcars.?This facility enables us to provide all-weather inspection, repair and maintenance, automated washing, wheel repair and replacement, and on-site storage for our potash-specific railcars. ?

The Railcar Maintenance Facility enhances our rail-delivery system through increased performance, standardized maintenance schedules, and increased operational efficiencies, ensuring that we provide timely delivery to our customers in peak periods of demand.

The Railcar Maintenance Facility is located 12 kilometres southwest of Lanigan, Saskatchewan and provides jobs for Saskatchewan residents through our third-party service providers, Procor and Railserve.