Canpotex is a global leader in transportation logistics. We move Saskatchewan potash overseas with a safe, sophisticated, and reliable delivery system that includes dedicated potash railcars, specialized port terminal facilities, and a number of dedicated ocean vessels. This system allows Canpotex to deliver value to its customers and shareholders by responsibly exporting Canadian potash.

With a clear understanding of the unique properties of potash, Canpotex makes decisions every day that expertly moves Saskatchewan’s potash. From potash-specific, custom-designed railcars to cascading chutes on our terminals’ shiploaders that gently deposit potash into ocean vessels, we ensure that every aspect of our supply chain is enhanced to responsibly move potash from mine site to overseas disport, while maintaining the integrity and quality of the product. We invest in modern and innovative infrastructure to ensure we are able to supply the sales that we have promised. We optimize our efficiency by trouble-shooting and responding to problems effectively - and we demand the same of our suppliers.

"Growing complexity in the world requires growing sophistication. And so we will continue to grow Canpotex’s sophistication.” Ken Seitz, President and CEO, Canpotex

We have been celebrated as “a global industry leader and transportation success story” in the Canadian Transportation Act Review Final Report (2015). The report highlights Canpotex’s investment in all aspects of our “seamless logistical supply chain,” championing our efforts in the “first and last mile.”